— Value Ladder Breakdown —
The Starting Line
Most of my following comes from all the free content and trainings we put out. I've been told frequently, that my free stuff is better than tons of paid stuff out there. My "evil plan" is to provide so much free value that you wanna ascend up the 'modern downline coaching' value ladder and join my programs. 
MLM Ads That Won
Want to learn how I advertise profitably on Facebook to grow my downline? This book will teach you the ins-and-outs of the creatives, copy, and calls-to-actions I used to spend over $300,000 on Facebook.
Modern Downline
Interested in learning how me and my students are leveraging the internet to explode our product sales and team growth? This program will walk you through the proven internet strategies that modern day MLMers are using to scale. 
Your Core Offer
Inside, you'll find the actual playbook I use to design, create, and launch my lucrative offers. It'll give you access to the actual process I go through to make my offers, the types of offers I use, and WHEN they're ready to use in your business. 
Secret MLM Hacks
After someone has read the books, the next step is for them to start building their own recruiting and selling funnels. We made a very thorough self-driven class to get people to quickly master lucrative auto-recruiting funnels. The fundamentals, mentality, and how to launch are all covered.
OfferMind Event
I've found most people are super close to having a lucrative offer. The problem is not knowing what you need to change. OfferMind will show you the path to your next big offer.
The ENTIRE goal of Modern Downline Coaching is to get you the 'Capitalist Pig' ($100k) and 'Titan Of Industry' ($1M+) awards in the next 12 months. Whether you're new to your business or expanding your current one to multi-millions, my OfferLab will guide you there. New entrepreneurs are brought through the 'Start Up' path, while existing entrepreneurs are brought through the 'Scale It' path. 
Titans of Industry
I'm hunting down more of my dream clients. My 'Titans Of Industry' is my private mastermind where I'll work with you personally to help double your sales in the next 12 months!
Business Syndicate
Want my team to just build it all for you, while you run it? This is a TV show. It's by application and ultimately invite-only. You'll come on set, on camera, like Shark Tank, and pitch me and my team to build a funnel for you, in exchange for equity in your company. Your pitch will be turned into an episode and your project will be added in the episode, if accepted. Applications are open to businesses $2M+
For two years, Steve Larsen was the Lead Funnel Builder at ClickFunnels and put over 500 sales funnels under his belt. He left his job to test some MLM theories and blow up his own downline. 

From scratch, his whole business crossed $1 million just 13 months later. His podcast, Secret MLM Hacks Radio, was created to teach the finer points of what 'modern downlines' are really doing. Steve’s approach to MLM offers are so attractive that fans body-check their own Grandmas just to buy! ;) 
'MLM Strategy' Community
One 'MLM' Funnel Away
Live Events
"I help people design and launch wildly lucrative MLM offers..."
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